Oct. 20th, 2011

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Joe and I are planning to go see La Cage Aux Folles on Friday, Thanks to the student rush ticket line. Which reminds me that I better bring something warm to wear while I wait in line.

I'm preparing by listening to 2010 cast album on Spotify. I've seen the original film and it's sequels, plus the film's bastard American stepchild, The Bird Cage, plus a production of the play (versus the musical). So, I'm familiar enough with the story. I've also heard several of the songs before, like the gay anthem I Am What I Am.

I'm a little turned off by this cast recording because it has Kelsey Grammer playing Georges. I'm rather disgusted by his personal behavior with his wife/ex-wife and mistress/wife.

I think George Hamilton will be more interesting in the role, and I'm looking forward to seeing Christopher Sieber as Albin.
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Young Adult Movie Poster

Joe and I went to a surprise screening of Diablo Cody's new film, Young Adult. We didn't know what movie it would be until we arrived. I'm not a big fan of Cody, but I think her writing is smart and engaging.

In the movie, Charlize Theron plays Mavis, a 30-something writer who ghosts writes a series of young adult (YA) novels. However, my mind just didn't make the connection from her writing to the title of the film. But now that I've seen this poster for the movie, I TOTALLY get the connection. The movie isn't about her YA writing specifically, but her writing is used as a way to get an internal look into what's going in Mavis's head. She's writing juvenile characters, which in a way is a reflection of her own failure to grow up. (I'm NOT saying all YA writers are juvenile.) I really got into this little glimpse of Mavis's depressed, obsessive, bitter life.

When you go see this film in December, try and get past how bitter and unlikeable Mavis is. She's fucked up, but she really felt real to me. Not in the quirky yet hip Juno way. She's an adult stuck in her teenage high school habits. This movie isn't a comedy, and not really a tragedy either. It's a look at a cathartic weekend for Mavis as she learns a hard lesson and makes a miniscule amount of self growth.
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Here's the trailer for Young Adult. This trailer makes the movie seem like a comedy, taking the funniest bits of the movie and stringing them together. In between these funny bit are a lot of Mavis stewing in her own pot of depression and self-loathing.

Patton Oswalt nearly steals the film from Charlize Theron. His character is another person who struggles with being an adult, but he never managed to get away from small Minnesota town they grew up in.

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