Aug. 13th, 2014


Aug. 13th, 2014 03:30 am
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I spent this evening at Twin Cities Leather & Latte updating the photography I have on display there.

Two of them are hanging in the bathroom, which fits the subject of these two photos. Another is by the back door, which relates well to the cowboy in the photo.

I also have some good ideas for display a few of my image series. Next time you're in Uptown Minneapolis be sure to check them out.

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Weird... my LJ was just hacked. 7 minutes ago I got an email from Live Journal alerting me to a loving to LiveJournal from unrecognized location.

Country: UA
Internet service provider: Centr Informacionnyh Technologii Online, Ltd.
IP address:

The email then linked to Live Journal's session log. I reviewed the log and then discontinued that session. I went to my LJ account and there was an entry in Russian:

В Лондоне откроется отель-яхта

Для туристов, желающих провести отпуск на воде, например, в плавании на яхте, но не имеющих возможности отдыхать с таким шиком, в Лондоне появилась реальная возможность исполнить это желание, причем

Which Google translates to:

In London, the hotel will open yacht

For travelers looking for a holiday on the water, such as swimming on a yacht, but have no opportunity to rest with the chic in London have a real opportunity to fulfill this desire, and

My Live Journal log in credentials are now changed.

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