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The first draft of my cultural interviews paper is now completed for my Intercultural Communications class. I interviews my friend FJ and my second cousin's wife, Fabiana. (I'm a little amused that I somehow picked two people with practically the same name. FJ's first name is Fabian.) I'm going to set the paper aside now and head to bed soon.

Carly is sleeping on my lap while I work. Earlier she was laying across my shoulders, up against the back of my office chair. She's long enough now that she can wrap around my neck a bit. She has been loosing her puppy teeth for the last couple of weeks. Tonight all I could hear for a while was her fiddling with one tooth, right up against my ear, until I finally heard it drop to the floor.

Yesterday I worked from home during the afternoon while the CenturyLink and DirectTV installers came and set us up with their services. I'm not convinced they are better than Comcast, but they aren't worse by any means. I do like their whole-home DVR solution, which is comprised of a master DVR unit which we have setup in the theater downstairs. The other TVs in the house have client boxes which display live TV and recordings from the master DVR. Anything we record can be paused and resumed on another TV in the house. We can also control the units via the DirectTV iPhone and iPad apps. Kind of neat so far, though I have to go through all the channel guides and turn off the pay-per-view and sports channels. That's a minor pain. (Such a first world problem.)

I'm going to wake the sleeping puppy on my lap and go to bed now. Good night.
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