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Stephen Leigh sings "Galileo"

and "Oops, I Did It Again"
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Ugh... I was hoping to have the Nitrogen Ice Cream demonstration video to post this morning, but at some point after leaving last night my work Mac crashed. When I arrived this morning the big Mac error screen was up on the monitor and the fan was whirring like crazy. I think it was preparing for take off.

So now the Nitrogen Ice Cream demonstration video is back to encoding. Hopefully I can post it this afternoon.
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No new AppleCon videos to post tonight, but I've been capturing plenty of songs from the fourth tape. Here's the list.

David and Ann - Ain't Nobody Can Sing Like Me
David and Ann - King California
David and Ann - Boy With The Long Black Hair
David and Ann - In My Darkest Hour
David and Ann - Lets Kill Saturday Night
S.L. Farrell Reading - partial because I missed the first part
(Who is this guy?) - Don't Swear At Machinery
Chas Somdahl - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
(Who is this guy?) - Canada's Really Big!
Beca L - It's Over
Stephen Leigh - Galileo
Chas Somdahl - Walk of Life

For those of you in the know...

The "Who is this guy?" guy is an older guy, originally from canada, salt and pepper beard, usually wears a hat and sings funny songs. Can you identify him?

Is Beca spelled right, and what's her last name?

The rest of the titles and names look right?
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For the time being I'm going to stick with Viddler for posting the AppleCon videos. I'm not settled on a format for encoding the video, including the AppleCon id overlay.

I have three videos now posted in the final format:

David Perry singing "Little Birdy" at AppleCon

Teresa Chandler singing at AppleCon

Korean Drumming - Demonstration

Korean Drumming - Introduction

Currently renderings:

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Still to come:

Lots and lots of music circle performances

Closing ceremony with Tri-Wizard championship awards

You can always view the latest AppleCon videos here.

The two previous version of David's and Teresa's videos have been disabled on Viddler, and I'll disable them on YouTube later tonight.
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Trying out the AppleCon id overlay now.

Of course, here is the YouTube version for comparison:

Do you like the AppleCon id overlay? Yes, I intentionally had it cross over onto the video a bit, off of the black. It would be to easy for someone to take the video and remove it from just the black.

The little feedback that I've gotten back has agreed with me that the Viddler videos look better. So say we all?
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Here is my export of David's "Little Birdy" on Viddler.

Compare it with the YouTube posting:

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Here is my second AppleCon video posting, and my first using Viddler.

Somehow I lost the 16:9 ratio, and I'm not sure how. I setup the export option to maintain the 16:9 by letterboxing the original video in to a 4:3 video. I'll probably re-export this one and see if I can figure out how I lost the 16:9.

Also, I want to see if I can replace the "Viddler" icon with an "AppleCon" icon.
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Yes... Viddler's videos can be embedded on other websites:


I'm just scared of her driving and vBlogging at the same time. I'd never do that!!!

Oh... wait...
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AppleCon is happening this weekend, and I'm taking this opportunity to experiment with recording and posting video. The convention chairs asked me to record the music circles, so here is my first experiment with converting and posting these videos.

I'm recording this on a Canon HV20 HD video camera with an external shotgun mic. I'm imputing these into FInal Cut Pro, and using Compressor to convert to MPEG4 video.

I still haven't found the optimal way to prepare the file for YouTube. I'm not really that happy with the video compression, but the audio sounds great.

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