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Saturday night is the Atons' Beer Bust at Innuendo/Rumours in St. Paul. We haven't done an actual beer bust in a very long time. We do bar nights, but those are purely social events. The beer bust could possibly help us raise some money for ourselves. I've arranged for transportation to and from the event so I can drink while I'm there.

Sunday afternoon is the first Atons' Rush Party for prospective new members. We've never done an event like this since I joined in 2003. I've been working on a DVD photo slide show to have playing. I'm just going through all of my photos and exporting the ones that might interest people. I'll probably have time to finish this between class and review time on Saturday.

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I just got a call from my friend and client Marc DeBauch that one of my former Atons club brothers, Ted Herbert, passed away on Friday. Marc told me that Ted did not wish for a memorial ceremony and that Marc wasn't sure if there would even be an obituary.

Ted lived with HIV/AIDS for a long long time. He was having a hard time with life for the past few years, growing more bitter and withdrawing from friends and society. He slowly disappeared from the club around the same time I joined, so I never really got to know Ted.

Marc was asked to help "straighten up" Ted house, and that's when they found a small collection of Atons pins. Marc asked if we would like these and I said that we would always appreciate any historical items about the club.

(Please, no condolences. I didn't really know Ted, but his passing will affect a few of my friends in the club.)
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I spent this past weekend down in New Ulm, MN at the Atons Campout. It was a fun weekend of pleasant camaraderie, great food and drink, and much needed relaxation.

With all the food and drink I was expecting to be up a couple pounds, but today's gym weigh in didn't show that. I think I probably sweated it all off over the weekend.

My problem now is readjusting to my normal life. When I was younger, following Science Fiction conventions (Cons) I would get depressed. This doesn't happen to me with most Cons anymore, with the recent exception of the Gaylaxicon in Boston. Following this weekend I'm finding that I'm not feeling depressed, I'm feeling anger. I'm getting really angry at things in my life. This morning's department meeting is a good example. My fuse was very short with an issue that a specific coworker brought up. I kept myself restrained, but I really wanted to let him have it.

I think I worked off some of this anger in my lunch time workout. I'll see how I feel for the rest of the afternoon.

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