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Wednesday was my last scheduled day with my trainer. I need to give my finances a little break from the trainer fees, and it would be good for me to exercise my self-motivation muscle a bit.

I am "officially" fit. My body fat is down to 15.175%, which is in the gym's fit range of 4-15%.

Some of my circumference measurements went down again, but the trainer said that is also because of the body fat loss, not necessarily because of muscle gain or loss. In general I feel better and I'm more active, so this whole 5 month process with the trainer has been more than worth it.

I've started working out with [livejournal.com profile] romeoa, and I have another friend at the gym, John, that I might also work out with.

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[livejournal.com profile] frstythesnowman recently asked how the body fat was measured. The trainer uses a caliper to measure the skin fold thickness. That's what the Body Site A and B measurements are all about.

Now I'm struggling to plan out my exercises when I go to the gym with out the trainer. I want to be able to do this with out having a hard set routine. I should be able to know what muscle groups I want to work on that day, examine and pick from my available options.

I want a menu where I can say "hmm, I want exercises A, D, G, and M." Are there any good online applications that do something like this?
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My back is still sore from last Friday's injury. I managed to survive my hectic weekend via ibuprofen and icy hot. But on Monday morning I was still very sore, so I went to my Chiropractor. He made a few adjustments and then scheduled me to come in on Tuesday (today) for an x-ray. He commented that he has no film of my lower back and he wanted to see if there were any issues that he should be aware of.

Over the years I keep getting little reminders that we humans really aren't exactly alike. It's not just a range of hair or eye colors, or varying heights, but that there are internal things that can be different based on so many factors. Last year I learned that I have an unusual jaw or mouth bone (I don't know exactly what it's called) configuration, that results in the bone under my teeth poking  out more into my mouth on the left side. This was a slight problem for the orthodontist when she set up the Invisalign for me.

Today's discovery is that the area in the front part of the base of my spine isn't quite fused together right. Where the two sides of the spine come forward, and would normally fuse together, in me the two sides are off a bit from each other. The Chiropractor described it by holding together his thumb and first figure on his right hand. Normally, they would press together with the tops even. But in me, the "thumb" is up a bit. He explained that technically this is a form of spina bifida occulta, but that I shouldn't worry about it. A little on-line research reveals that this occurs in 10-20% of otherwise healthy people.

There was a second discovery in part of my pelvis bone, or maybe part of my sacrum (I can't figure out exactly what from internet research) is off a bit. The chiropractor explained that in the average model, the two sides are mirror images, but that for me the right half of that particular bone descends further down, forcing the bone below to apply pressure back up which results in my spine wanting to curve a bit to the left. Again, not a big deal.

Does any of this have anything to do with my current back problems? No, probably not. But it does mean that the Chiropractor has a better understanding of what my "normal" state is and can work towards that.

I canceled my Monday and Wednesday training sessions this week, with the goal of letting my back heal this week. Though I am going to work on some stretching. I have another Chiropractor session tomorrow, followed by one more on Friday.
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Today at the gym was both a great day, and a not-so-good day.

Good: I managed to do single max rep of 165 pounds, which is my own body weight. This was a goal I didn't expect to reach for another week or two, so both the trainer and I were very happy to achieve it today.

Bad: Near the end of our session, the trainer had be doing these crouching jumps, and my back spasmed during the third jump. I tried one more jump to see if it was real, and it was! So we stopped the jumps and moved on to some skull crushes on the bench so I could lay down.

I went home for a while, instead of going back to work, and laid down with an ice back for a while. Then I showered and applied some Icy Hot, which I've never used before. Wow, that stuff is fun!

Now I'm back at work for a little while. I'm feeling just okay, but good enough to keep going. I have a busy weekend coming up, with the MN Storm Patrol run happening over in St. Paul, and the Atons' EROS party tomorrow night. I'm going to have to be a little careful for the weekend, but I should be ok.


May. 1st, 2008 04:12 pm
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The other cool thing today was that I tried boxing for the first time. I've never boxed before, and I've barely hit another human in my life. I put on the gloves and my trainer put on the target mitts. I started tentatively with alternating left and right swings, I quickly got into it. He had me start a pattern of left, right, left upper cut, for a set of 10, followed by the reverse. We finished of with a left, right, duck, as he swung his mitt where my head would have been. That was a lot of fun. I told him we can do that again.

I sometimes forget how much I enjoy rough housing with another person. Lifting weights and working by myself is one thing, but to have another person to challenge can be exciting and fun.

Maybe I can get Joe to wrestle tonight! ;)

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As I mentioned yesterday, my new goal for May to be able to bench press my own body weight. I'm comfortable up to 135#, and I can do a few reps at 145#. We decided to try one rep at 155#.

My first attempt didn't go well. I brought the barbell down to slowly, so I didn't have the energy to push the bar back up. I rested for a couple minutes and we tried again, this time successfully. I can now do one rep at 155#.

We went back down to 145# and I was able to force my way through 5 reps, and then we did another set of 8 reps at 135#.

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I had my training session over lunch today. It being the first of the month again, it was time to weigh in and measure up.

For the most part the numbers are great. My body fat percentage has decreased from 18.35% to 16.46%, I've gone from 30.6 pounds of body fat down to 27.3 pounds, while gaining 2.1 pounds of muscle.

The only weird number was by arm circumference measurement which went down from 13.25 inches to 13. I guess I need to work on my arms more, though my shoulders increased by 1.25 inches.

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Below this LJ cut is my current body measurements, as per my training session on Monday. The numbers are good, though not as dramatic of a change as between the first two measurement dates.

My goal in the next two months is to add five pounds of muscle and see how that feels.

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(Wow... I'm really chatty on LJ today, aren't I!)

I'm feeling pretty tender from my training session on Monday. To make it worse, I have my second weekly training session tonight. I fear I'll be very sore on Thursday and Friday. Oh well. It's the price we pay for beauty.

Except for stretching and a little medicine ball throwing, the entire workout was in the weight room. This is a change for me. Usually the trainer and I spend at least the first 15 minutes upstairs doing some warm up cardio/endurance stuff.

After a set of bench presses, we did weighted lunges and squats. My favorite! That might explain why I get up from my work chair like a 90 year old man.

Ok, I should shut up now, finish my work, and get on the road for my 5:30 session.
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I've been suffering my a sore back for a few days now, and it's all my fault.

Besides spending WAY to much time in front of my computer and tv, I've been completely ignoring my gym routine. It all started last year when I tweaked my back at the gym a few times in the spring. I decided to ease up on the routine and focus on stretching and yoga for a while. I kept this up until the cruise in November, but since then I'm only gone a couple of times. I just can't seem to get back into the routine. I do occasionally do cardio and mat exercises at home, but not enough to even maintain my flexibility.

Well, that needs to change. Maybe I just need to force myself to go to the gym after work every day. If I don't do something, I'm going to be back where I was before with chronic back pain and weekly visits to the chiropractor.

Anyone else reading this work out at either the Bloomington or Richfield Ballys? I could probably use a work out partner.

Yes... I could and should work out with my husband, [livejournal.com profile] rvrjoe775, but he doesn't do the same stuff I do and works at his own pace.


Jul. 7th, 2006 01:51 pm
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I've finally managed to get back to the gym after not going for the last month and a half. With all the stuff related to moving, I just didn't have the time to spend at the gym.

I hate how I feel after returning to the gym following such a long break. I ache again, and I have this anoying hunger pains. I'm always craving food!

My legs especially hurt right now. On top of leg work at the gym, I've also been trying to get back into biking. As I mentioned the other day, I biked for about 7 miles on Tuesday, and then Joe and I biked around Richfield last night. First over to the old house to pick up mail, then over to Veterant's Memorial Park to ride around the bike trail. I was very tired after that ride.

So what's the deal with the hunger pains anyway?
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The Humboldt house fix-ups are coming along very nicely, though our packing as stalled. It's so much more fun to hang out with Joe's folks in the evening rather than packing. Joe's mom is spoiling us a bit also, with nice home cooked meals each night. I think we need to set a goal this week though to get at least one of the basement rooms packed.

Joe and I just met up for lunch as Costco, followed by a little browsing. I found a cool atomic clock / outside temperature monitor thingy. I went ahead and bought it since its small. We saw several other things that we think would be nice for the new house, but they are larger and can wait until we have a place for them.

We still haven't decided on a moving company yet. Dale, a friend of my Mom, who helped my folks move a couple years ago, gave me a call yesterday. His place is MUCH cheaper than the other companies I've been getting quotes from, but he is booked on the Saturday after signing. But he is available on that Friday. I'm thinking of hiring him just for the furniture. We can move the boxes ourselves.

I'm trying to keep my gym schedule, which isn't easy with packing and family at home. I've been starting to really feel the changes in my body lately. I hope I'm able to maintain my momentum this summer, though I fear I could easily be derailed by the move and other summer activities.

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