Jan. 26th, 2007 01:59 pm
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I finally figured out how to get my Cingular 8125 to work as modem for my laptop, via a bluetooth tether connection.

Now, the real question is this something that I want to do, and is it worth the cost?

My friends out there who use Cingular and tether your laptop. Have you been charged for it? I have the Media Max package for $19.99, which has given me unlimited net acces on my PDA phone for the last year.

BTW: Here is the web page where I found the directions to set up the tethering.


Oct. 24th, 2006 08:36 am
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Ok, there appears the be a little confusion about my firewall status.

I still have my router's firewall turned on. I just didn't need to have both the hardware firewall and the software firewall running at the same time, because they can cause conflicts.
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I've managed to solve those pesky networking issues. It mostly came down to my PC still having its software firewall turned on. Once I turned that off all of the other pieces fell into place.
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More computer stuff...

I need some home computer networking help!

A few months ago I bought a Netgear Range Max 240 wireless router. I had previously been using an Airport Extreme basestation, but it doesn't have a strong enough signal to cover the entire house. In addition, the Netgear Router is using MIMO, which can give me a much faster network connection if the receiving computer also has MIMO.

Since setting this up, I've had trouble getting port forwarding setup correctly. As a result, I get poor connections on City of Heroes and Bit Torrents. I've also been unable to make a connection between iTunes and the Airport Express unit that is connected to the house stereo.

And last night I bought a Slingbox Pro, and the Buffalo Ethernet Converter (bridge). I need the bridge because the Slingbox only has wired ethernet, not wireless. So I run the ethernet cable from the Slingbox to the bridge, which then has a wireless connection to the house network.

Before bed last night, I spent an hour and a half setting up the Slingbox Pro and the bridge, but I was unsuccesful in getting the Slingbox onto the network. I think my problem is in how the bridge is connecting to the wireless network, or it could be a problem with the router firewall.

Can I turn off the router's firewall and just use the firewalls on the PCs? (Yes, I have WEP security turned on for the wireless router.) If not, what do you think is causing my problems?

I think I can figure out the Slingbox issues tonight, but I've spent several nights after the last couple of months trying to find a solution for the poor Bit Torrent and City of Heroes issue. My computer appears to have a good connection speed, but in Azurus (my bit torrent program) I only get yellow for downloads, versus the green I used to get in the old house. Azurus tells me that it is a port forwarding issue, but non of the solutions I've found have worked.

And how do I setup portfowarding for two computers? Joe and I have both been known to play City of Heroes at the same time.

One of the research sites I've been using is PortForward.com.
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If your eyes glaze over when reading technobabble, move along...

Anyone have any opinions about OpenType versus Postscript fonts?

I need to setup a few of our computers here with Univers, our corporate approved font. I can order this from Adobe, who gives me the choice of Postscript or OpenType. I'm used to working with Postscript, but OpenType seems like a good idea because, according to Adobe, the same font is cross-platform compatible. Since we have a mix of Macs and PCs here, and each font comes with a 5 computer license, we could cover our computer much easier with OpenType.

I already have a set of Univers from LinoType, but when ever I open a document created by an outside designer, the layout program complains about the fonts not being available because the designer used the Adobe version of Univers. They are identical, but I guess the file name is different. I can just search and replace the fonts, but that has the potential to cause problems.

Hmm... would I have the same issue if I have OpenType and the outside designer had used Postscript?


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