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Actually... I'm not a consumer whore. I know plenty of people who spend much more money on frivolous purchases than I do. But I'm also the less hesitant spouse when it comes to buying something without to much thought.
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I just noticed this article on Startribune.com about a family which has joined a Compact to not buy anything new for a year.

Funny... I had been thinking of something similar for myself for this year. I was thinking of making a resolution or goal to not buy any big purchases in 2008. Nothing over $150, and this would include buying a bunch of cloths at one time.

I think I'm still going to attempt my goal to keep my shopping simple this year. Yes, this may mean no big gadget purchase this year. (Which is a brave statement one week before the Mac World Expo next week!) The exception would be travel tickets.

I'm making no promises this year, and I'm definitely not ready to join this "nothing new" Compact (I don't think I'm patient enough to buy used comics). But I recognize that I'm a consumer whore and I will change that in 2008.

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