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Yeah, I haven't posted an update on LJ since late September.

Following up on my last update, the beta blocker appears to be working. I've been on it nearly three months now. On Tuesday I went in for a followup blood draw, and I will meet with the doctor on Friday to discuss the results. Hopefully my TSH, T3, and T4 levels have returned to more standard levels.

I'm still going to yoga at least once a week. When I have time I've also been working in additional yoga classes and cycle classes at LA Fitness. The weekly yoga class isn't a LA Fitness, and I could do other yoga classes and cycle other places, so I'm considering not renewing my LA Fitness membership. This puts me in a good place to negotiate a better rate when they are desperate for our business. 

We have a new puppy. On Sunday we adopted Carly, a 9-week old long haired dachshund puppy. The idea of getting a second dog had been percolating in my head for a while, but Joe and I hadn't talked about it. Then mid-last week, a friend of mine posted a picture of Carly (then called Bianca) on Facebook and mentioned that she was a rescue dog that would be available in a couple days. I pretty quickly decided for myself that we could get her, and I sent a few IMs to Joe about her, but our schedules last week didn't give us much time to talk about her. I went ahead and scheduled a time on Saturday for the rescue owner to come over with Carly and check us out. Simon was VERY interested in Carly. He was gentle when he needed to be, but was also very willing to play with her. Sure... he did the typical dog dominance things of play mounting her, but the rescue owner said that was normal and a good sign. 

Joe liked her of course. Who couldn't love such a sweet face. However he was reasonably concerned about adopting a puppy again. We haven't had a puppy this young since Kinney, our Rotweiler back in the lat 90's. I reasoned that the worst that would happen is that things don't work out with her and we return her to the rescue sans payment. So, we went ahead a signed the papers, paid the fee, and picked her up on Sunday night.

Now we are working out our new schedules to accomodate her needs. Joe and I have taken turns getting up for her 3am potty break, and I've been handling her thrice-daily feedings, including coming home over lunch. Joe has today and tomorrow off from work, and we will both be home after that until we go back to work on January 2. We will get a lot of puppy time in the next week, and we welcome visits and trips to help socialize her.

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Yesterday Simon got to meet one of the neighbor dogs. Tinker is a 8 month old Golden Retriever (I think) who will eventually become a service dog. He's living with our Northern Neighbors until next February when he goes off to Service School.

I was just about to take Simon for a walk when I noticed that K. was home and out with Tinker. I called over to her to see if it would be okay for me to bring Simon over. She was a bit hesitant, but I came over anyway. Simon kind of ignored Tinker for a while, but Tinker was VERY interested in Simon. Finally Simon started to run and Tinker chased. I got a little worried at this point, but Simon turned out to be a speedy little dog and managed to stay ahead of Tinker for the most part. They ended up running across three yards, which probably wasn't good. Maybe we need to let them play in our closed yard next time.

Later when Joe was walking home from the bus, I bought Simon out again to meet him. Tinker was out again, now with T, which is strong enough to really hold Tinker. He kept Tinker in one spot while Simon came over. Tinker just laid down and Simon climbed all over her. They started to wrestle a bit, which is when I took these pictures.

Simon and TinkerSimon and TinkerSimon and Tinker

I know I'm probably projecting a bit, but  I think Simon really likes other dogs. Our last dog Gabby really didn't care about other dogs, so it's nice to see that Simon is more social.
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Pretty busy at work these days, but I wanted to jot down a couple of thoughts.

Yes, Gaylaxicon was fun. Like so many cons for me these days, it was less about the con itself and more about the friends we spent so much time with. There were definite problems with this con, especially the hotel itself (don't get me started on the Tower of Terror elevators!). We got into a nice weekend routine of going out with friends for meals and coming back to play card games and to just spend the day chit chatting.

House sitter [livejournal.com profile] doubleedge was able to find [livejournal.com profile] rvrjoe775's passport and FedExed it to us, so we didn't have any problems getting back into the USA.

Walking into the new house was kind of strange for me on Tuesday. One of the first things that I saw when I walked in the door was Kinney's food dish. I nearly lost it right then. I quickly excused my self to the bedroom for a bit. I'm really missing her, but I'm starting to find a new balance without her. We've hung Kinney's collar on the coat hook closest to the garage door so I can see something of hers. 

I think Gabby is loving being the only dog in the house, though I think she is feeling too alone during the day. She is practically mad for attention when we get home. I wish I could bring her with me to work or something some days. We've been taking her for walks also, which we'd gotten out of the habit of doing for a while.

Joe's folks, along with his sister and two of her children, are arriving next week. They will be our first house guests in the new house.

We still don't have a working projector in the home theater. A couple weeks ago, Jon (the seller) sent in the project to be fixed by the manufacture. FedEx tried to deliver it back to us three days later. When Jon went to set it up it still didn't work. Turns out that the label had fallen off the box, and the label underneath was for the house, so FedEx just delivered it back to us. So now the manufacturer has the projector and we should have it back in a few days, hopefully. I'm looking forward to watching movies down there.

Work is getting pretty crazy. I've already been bringing some small projects home. I guess its time to bring more work home.

As for the old house, we've had one regular open house and one open house just for realtors. So nibbles yet, but there are two more open houses scheduled for this weekend. We haven't had the house inspected by the city inspector yet, but that is now scheduled for a week from today. I'm not expecting any problems. It's the unexpected stuff that scares the shit out of me.

We are slowly getting settled in the new house. Joe has done a great job of populating the bookshelves in the house. We've decided to not put all of our books out. I'm not sure if we're just going to keep the rest boxed, or if we'll just sell those off. I got the video game systems setup last night in the game room. Right after we got home on Tuesday, I spent the next hour and half mowing the yard. Damn, our new yard is big! We also have lots of flowers growing in the yard, that I have no idea how to handle. We need to buy a lawn sprinkler.


Jun. 14th, 2006 05:42 pm
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Goodbye, Kinney.
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Kinney is getting stubborn about taking her pills.

She was good about eating the chew ables, but now she's started to just drop them on the floor and walk away. And I had been putting the little white pills in with her food, but she's started spitting them out on the floor next to her dish. Last night and this morning I tried putting them in a little peanut butter, which she really liked. She ate the chew able tablet with the peanut butter, but at first she tried to spit out the little white pills again.

I think we'll try hiding them in hot dog slices next.
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The back yard at the Humboldt house (where we currently live) is pretty much just dirt due to 9 years of dogs. I'm thinking that we should try and do some fix up on the lawn before selling the house.

Trying to re-seed the lawn is probably the cheapest, but how well will that really work? We'd have to get some good soil first.

Sodding the lawn would be the quickest solution, but much more costly than re-seeding. Where does one buy sod? I looked on homedepot.com, but they didn't have it listed. Menards.com doesn't have good product listings, so I couldn't search for it there. I guess I'll need to do a little leg work to explore this option.

Which ever option we go with, once we do that we'll need to keep the dogs away from the repaired yard. I guess that means more walking, which is probably a good thing for everyone.

Anyone have suggestions?

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Kinney's oncology appointment is setup for Monday, April 3rd, at 1pm.

Hey, John... Gwen goes to the clinic at 1360 Gortner Avenue in St. Paul right. That's where Kinney's appointment is setup.

I was going to have our vet take the additional x-rays, but they aren't much cheaper than the oncology clinic, which uses digial processing instead of film.

By chance do any of you have any good pictures of Kinney?
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There are reasons why I should never tell my coworkers about personal issues!

Three of my coworkers want me to consult a pet psychic about Kinney. Ugh!
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Well, crap. Looks like Kinney may have bone tumors in here right front leg. Strangely, just like here sister, Gwen.

I noticed that she was limping slightly a couple weeks ago. I observed her for a couple days and she seemed to get better, though she didn't completely stop limping. Then a couple of days ago she REALLY started limping and avoiding using the leg as much as possible. We felt her paw and leg, but she didn't seem to react to anything.

I had a bad feeling about this, especially since her sister Gwen, who is owned by [livejournal.com profile] perkk, was diagnosed with cancer recently and has since had her leg amputated. Kinney is also diabetic, so I feared that could be another possible source of the problem.

We took Kinney to the vet late this morning and they x-rayed her leg. There are definite areas on her bone that the doctor explained as probably being tumors. A radiologist will examine the x-rays on Monday to confirm the diagnosis.

I'm really not sure what to do with a confirmed cancer diagnosis. The vet mentioned amputation of her leg, but that Kinney's diabetes would definitely be an issue with healing. We love our dog and want her to be comfortable and happy, but I'm not sure if I want to put her through surgery and recovery. She will be 9 years old in May. Plus, I hate to say it, there are financial considerations. I'm afraid of how much surgery and aftercare will cost. Is it worth it for her and us to go through all of that? Ugh, but how will Gabby survive without Kinney to beat up on?

The vet sent us home with some pain medication for Kinney. Hopefully this will help in the short term.

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