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Joe and I spent last weekend in Atlanta for Gaylaxicon 2011. This is the first con that I've traveled for since... hmm... I think since WorldCon 2009. We didn't travel to Australia for WorldCon 2010, and Gaylaxicon 2010 in Montreal was cancelled. I guess we were long over to for convention traveling, and for seeing so many of our con friends.

The convention itself was actually very nice. I didn't know what to expect. Gaylaxicon this year was actually a beefed up OutlantaCon, which is an Atlanta GLBT science fiction and gaming convention that's being going on for a few years now. I really liked the mix of local people who are used to OutlantaCon and the national folks who travel every time there's a Gaylaxicon.

We hosted a party in the con suite Saturday night to promote Gaylaxicon 2012, which we're hosting here in Minneapolis. We collected about 12 registration over the weekend. That may appear a bit low, but I consider that several of the Gaylaxicon regular attendees that would typically have pre-registered at the party had already pre-registered at the end of 2010 we we announced our special early bird rate.

As usual we had a couple of large fan dinners. Friday night eight of us walked over to a nearby pizza place in a strip mall. The pizza was good and the guys behind the counter gave fun attitude. Since the place was tiny we took over two of the three tables that were outside. On Sunday night, after the convention had closed, 18 of us drove over to a nearby Thai restaurant. I would have prefered Indian, but it turns out that Thai is the universal foreign food when it comes to Gaylaxicon fans. We can all find something on the menu to like.

Late Monday morning our Atlanta friend Dennis picked us up at the hotel and drove us around Atlanta. Since he's knows I'm a bit of a gadget lover, he thought the best place to take me would be to a Fry's Electronics store. I wasn't as impressed as he hoped I would be, but it was kind of nice to poke around there for a while. I was more interested in seeing the sites of Atlanta. From Fry's we grabbed a quick lunch, and then he drove us through the "Beverly Hills" of Atlanta, and then to several of the gay shops.

We finally went back to his house and met up with his partner Richard. We know Dennis and Richard from our cruises, so we talked about other cruises they've been on, and about our upcoming European cruise. After a very short nap for me, we went out to a local diner that they love. Apparently they are regulars here because everyone working there knew their names. The food a good southern cooking style, and I was full about three bites into my entree. The waiter heard we were from the north, so he brought out several small sample dishes so we could taste a variety of southern food. I tried a little of every thing, but even now I can't look at food without feeling a little ill.

Our flight on Monday was scheduled for 8:20pm. At 7:30pm we finally bolted from the restaurant and headed for the ATL. I was getting nervous, but thankfully security was easy, all though I did have to go through my first enhanced screening. I just went through the scanner because I didn't have time to be patted down. We walked briskly, because I was too full to run, for our gate only to discover that they moved the plane to a different concourse. While we were walking briskly I just kept thinking that my full belly was starting to feel better because of the extra exercise.

We made it on the plane and had a pretty good flight home.
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A little squirrel with big sad eyes just nudged me and told me to remember the good old days of posting to Live Journal. So I thought I should give it a shot.

Things are really looking up for Gaylaxicon. A few months ago we were afraid that we would be way low. Now we thing we might be a bit high. We are at about 240 registrations right now. The program book is nearly done, and I put together a one sheet pocket guide too. Tomorrow is out last committee meeting before the con, so I'll have hard copies of these for editing. Then we go to print on Saturday.

I published the program schedule online today. Click here to see it. This is a web page, not a PDF.

In non-Gaylaxicon news, today is my friend Les's birthday. His... hmm, not boyfriend, not roommate, ah... his Angel sent out a bunch of emails and text messages this afternoon to get people to come and surprise Les for his birthday dinner. Sadly I didn't have time to stay for dinner, but I did meet them at the restaurant, and gave Les a big happy birthday hug and kiss. He's a really nice guy who deserves a happy birthday.

We had sad news a work on Monday. One of our colleague's in Europe passed away suddenly over the weekend. He collapsed and died. My coworker Ray has been on conference calls with this guy every week for months working on a project. Ray's been a bit down since. This hasn't been a good year for Ray.

I'm fighting off a cold. I'm determined to not be sick at the convention. Which probably means I should wrap this up and go to bed. Good night.

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Gaylaxicon 2009 Progress Report JulyThe July Progress Report is now online. The report is packed full of information on our fast approaching convention.

Highlights include:

  • Letter from our convention chair, Don Kaiser
  • Program overview, including a request for idea submissions
  • Art show and dealers room information
  • Program book ads and artwork update
  • More things things to do while in the Twin Cities
  • Gaylaxicon's accessibility statement

This progress report was emailed to all registered members on July 15th. We will have a couple more progress reports coming up in the months proceeding Gaylaxicon 2009.

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Gaylaxicon 2009 is looking for volunteer art for use on our upcoming flyer campaign. If you are an artist, or know of one who would be willing work with us, please contact info@gaylaxicon2009.org.

One of our guests is Andy Mangels, a leather bear from Seattle. The proposed design for his flyer calls for an illustration hot bearish astronaut. I thought that's something this group might appreciate.

We're sorry, we can't pay anything but we may be able to compensate in other ways.

Gaylaxicon 2009 is the annual international Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Convention for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people and their friends! The dates for Gaylaxicon 2009 will be October 9-11, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit us online at http://www.gaylaxicon2009.org/.
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Things are really starting to come together for Gaylaxicon 2009. We have our guests, our hotel. All that's missing is you!

Guests of Honor: Margaret Weis
Co-author of the original Dragonlance stories, and former book editor at TSR, Weis comes to us from southern Wisconsin. She continues to write with collaborator Tracy Hickman, and owns Margaret Weis Productions, LTD, which released the Serenity RPG. Aside from Dragonlance, her other series include both science fiction and fantasy. The Deathgate Cycle, Rose of the Prophet and Star of the Guardians are among her best known works.

Guests of Honor: Andy Mangels
Author, DVD feature producer, journalist and editor, Mangels has had a hand in virtually all aspects of comics creation. He's written comics taking place in most of the major fan universes, such as the DCU, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Elfquest. Author of many guidebooks, and companions, he's working on the forthcoming Wonder Woman Companion, released in 2008 from TwoMorrows Publishing. Former editor for Gay Comics, he regularly writes columns for The Advocate, Star Trek Monthly, Just Out and Back Issue magazines, among others.

Guests of Honor: Lawrence Schimel
Prolific writer and editor in many genres, Schimel currently resides in Madrid, Spain. A Lambda Literary Award winner, he has written fiction, poetry, comics, as well as books on gender studies, sports and even a cookbook benefiting meals on wheels programs for AIDS patients. He has also served as co-chair for Publishing Triangle, the GLBT organization of the publishing industry, and has numerous short story collections, such as the American Vampire series.

Hotel: Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis - Park Place
Rates start at $140 for a 1-2 person standard room. Deluxe and suite level rooms are available. Convention rate registration will start on October 9, 2008 (one year in advance of the con). Click here for more information.

Gaylaxicon 2009 will include: Art Show, Autographs, Cabaret, Charity Auction, Costuming, Dealers Room, Discussion Panels, Gaming, Guests, Local Events, Parties, Readings, Video Program, and more! More details on all of these will be coming soon.

You can now register online!

Watch our website, http://www.gaylaxicon2009.org, for more information!

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I'm sitting here at the planning meeting for Gaylaxicon 2009, the roving Gay Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror convention that will be hosted in Minneapolis in 2009.

We're having a long conversation about possible Guests of Honor (write. media, artists, other). We're looking for good GLBT and allied midwest guests of honor. Can anyone give me some real possible suggestions?

I'd LOVE to have a comics writer or artist guest. At the Boston Gaylaxicon they had Phil Jimenez who was a great guests. I'd really enjoy someone like Judd Winick. Andy Mangles could be fun (and hot). Granted, neither of these guest are midwest locals.

Anyone have some connections that we can take advantage of?

Oh... and you DC Gaylaxicon folks, no stealing our guest suggestions! ;)

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