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Comcast's new 12mps (12 down / 5 up) service is a little tempting, but at a cost of $149.95 per month, I think [livejournal.com profile] rvrjoe775 would kill me if I got it.

We currently have their 6/1mps service, which costs me $41.95 per month. While Comcast provides the connection, our actual ISP is Earthlink, though I use none of Earthlinks e-mail addresses or services. Earthlink is a carry over from our old Time Warner account. I only picked Earthlink because they had dial-up numbers in case I was traveling where I couldn't get WiFi or Ethernet. Of course, my current laptop doesn't even have a modem, so the dial-up numbers are pointless.

I'm thinking about switching to the 8/2 mps service, for $10 more, but then I would have to switch to Comcast as my ISP. I've heard stories about Comcast being restrictive about bit torrent downloading and uploading, and about their overly aggressive spam filtering which blocks entire e-mail servers. They reportedly block just about everything from Dreamhost.

Should I switch to Comcast as my ISP? Is the 8mps service really better than the 6?

And no, I don't want to switch to Quest DSL. 


Jan. 26th, 2007 01:59 pm
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I finally figured out how to get my Cingular 8125 to work as modem for my laptop, via a bluetooth tether connection.

Now, the real question is this something that I want to do, and is it worth the cost?

My friends out there who use Cingular and tether your laptop. Have you been charged for it? I have the Media Max package for $19.99, which has given me unlimited net acces on my PDA phone for the last year.

BTW: Here is the web page where I found the directions to set up the tethering.
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We confirmed last night that our cell phones won't work in the new house. The seller, who also has Cingular, told us that there appears to be a several block dead zone in that area for Cingular service.

Now I'm looking at home phone solutions. Vonage looks pretty good, and cheaper than the Digital Phone service from Time Warner.

Those of you that use Vonage... how do you like it? Any comments or suggestions?

Edit: Oh cool... just found a possible way to use my Windows Mobile 2005 device as a soft phone with Vonage. This solution uses software from SJ Labs.. Oh... wait... it appears that they don't have a version for WM 2005 yet, just 2002 or 2003. But the next version whould have 2005.

Second Edit: Ah... it appears they have the WM 5 client in public beta right now. Here is the info.
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I came across the Omni View Incarceration design link when I was reading a web article about Survivor Richard Hatch's sentencing being delayed.

The designs look a bit like something out of Fortress.
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Looks like Chrysler is getting a little heat for their "Too Tough" ad, the one with the fairy flying around making everything cute... except it doesn't work on the new Dodge Caliber. The poor fairy gets thrown against a wall, where a passing tough guy walking his dog utters "Silly little fairy!". In frustration she turns him into a preppy guy walking a couple miniature dogs. Basically... to me, the fairy turned the punk into a fairy.

I can see why this might be taken by some as bad... but I really laughed when I first saw the commercial.

[Click here to view the commercial video on Youtube.com]

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