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I want to try these out when I have some time:


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...that hit me during the night?!?! Oh, wait, it wasn't a truck, it was some kind of food poisoning. Ugh. I woke up around 3am or so with a very sour stomach. Lets just say that soon enough things were moving. Then I tried to get back to bed, but I was so chilled. I was wearing my robe AND Joe's robe in bed, while Joe is laying next to me with no sheet or blanket on him because he was too warm.

Now I'm home with a 100.3 degree fever. Just trying to get comfortable and stay cool.

In the good news though, last night I managed with widdle down my 449 Pride photos to just 76 parade photos, and 62 in the park photos.

Some one must have missed. I found a little [livejournal.com profile] 433 next to the garbage:

One of the really great things about the parade this year was that this was the 10th year of having the giant rainbow and leather pride flags in the parade. The flags were both made by a local man, Carl Gscheidmeier. Reportedly this is, or has been, the largest leather pride flag.

Carl joined us in carrying the flag as we passed the Brass Rail. He was getting refreshments!

He was doing really good until he saw the plaque we presented him with. It reads:
Carl Wm. Gscheidmeier. Thank you for 10 years of flag pride. 1998-2007.

Sadly, before now Carl hadn't really received any recognition of his great contribution to our community. He hadn't even been given a picture of the flags before now.

The big reason that we need to pay tribute to Carl this year is that it is time to retire the two flags. The MN Leather Pride group (a group made of members of many of the different Minnesota leather clubs) are working with the Twin Cities Pride board to raise money to create new flags.

After the parade we all posed for a few last pictures on the flag.

Here's a picture from Saturday when we chatted with Derek Hartley, from the Derek and Romain show on Sirius OutQ (sat. radio, gay channel)

We had the pleasure of chatting with Derek a lot more Saturday night at the Eagle/Bolt. I was going crazy up with Chi Chi LaRue in the dj booth.

And here is a great photo of me with my parents:

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