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Damn it! I had a long entry about this weekend, and then my computer crashed. Oh well. Now you'll just get the pictures.

Fantastic double rainbow after short storm, late Friday afternoon.

Joe, Jay, Chris, and I by the Minnehaha Falls on Saturday.

The falls from a distance.

Chris and Joe by the Little Princes Train Station

Hail falling on Saturday night.

Joe covered Bill's car in old shipping quilts. You can see the street with a river of hail.

Barefoot on hail.

A cup of hail.

Hailtini anyone?

My parents at our little dinner party.

Post-hail Pre-dinner cocktails.

We still had hail in the yard after Noon on Sunday.

You can see more pictures here.
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I've posted my Pride 2005 pictures into Fotki.

This is my sixth year of Pride pictures posted to Fotki. I think I want to do a collage of People at Pride pictures.

Pride was a lot of fun this year. Leather Pride overlaps with the Twin Cities Pride festival, so I got to spend a lot of my time this past week at Leather Pride events. Then on Saturday Joe and I spend some time in the park together before I staffed the Leather Pride booth for a few hours. After that we connected with several couples from the Couples Twin Cities group and went out for dinner at Newsroom.

My only significant purchase this year (besides having to buy those damned food/drink tickets!!!) was my first Utilikilt. I purchased a tan khaki modified-Mocker, which has the addition of side snap on pockets, similar to the Workman's style. I don't have any pictures of me in my Utilikilt yet, but I'll get some soon. I'd been wanting to get a Utilikilt for a while now, and I'd been browsing their website trying to figure out which one to get. I was very happily surprised to see them at Pride, since I'd forgotten they were there last year (Joe reminded me of this later).  

I wore it all of Saturday after buying it, since it was comfortable on a very hot day. My only problem occurred after dinner, when I started the chafe a bit. As a result I left the Utilikilt at home on Sunday. I definitely love the kilt though, and now I'm debating bring it to Gaylaxicon next weekend or not.

On Saturday, when we went into Newsroom for dinner, I got compliments on the kilt from a few of the women who worked there, but the male staff gave me some "what the fuck" looks. After dinner we walked around Minneapolis for another hour or two (which probably lead to the chaffing), stopping in E Block so some of our crew could get dessert at Cold Stone.

As we waited in line, some strange guy walked by us and looked at me and said "Is that a skirt?!?"  I replied that it's a kilt. "That's a skirt?!?" he smirked and walked away. I could only manage to mutter "What ever" followed by "But I looked damned good in it!" but I think he was to far away to hear me at that point.

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