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We're watching the first episode of the new season of American Idol.

I know that the preliminary judges intentionally pass on both the good and the bad singers through to Randy, Paula, and Simon... but it seems like the trinity are expecting more of these people to be good singers. Do they sit there and wonder if the early judges are just fucking with them?

Oh... we've just reached the highlight of the season.. the montage.

I was hoping that after the crappy season they had last year that they would try something a bit different, like keeping it a bit more positive. Does any really like all this negative they spew out for the first couple of weeks? The only reason I'm watching at all is to get a glimpse of the possible real finalists.

This is American Idol. I want to watch it to see unknown talented people perform and be discovered. I want to see the lives of people change and grow. I don't need the show to be all light and airy-fairy, but I would like them to leave out the really bad performers and lets us see the great and almost-greats.


Mar. 21st, 2007 03:57 pm
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Just found this application that lets you control other programs with your Apple Remote (that comes with the more recent Macs). Remote Buddy.

I've been kind of looking at the new Apple TV to add to our AV equipment in the house. I'm still not sure if its worth it, since most of our video content is downloaded in DIVX format. I would need to convert the video to an Apple TV compatible format with something like the Apple TV Video Converter software, which could take a lot of time.

An Apple TV box costs $299. That's half way to the cost of a Mac Mini, which starts at $599. On the Mac Mini, I could also run Sling Player to play video from the second DVR in the Theater (it isn't there now, but we could move it there).

But before I move the Sling Box down to the theater, I need to find out what's causing the cable TV there to look slightly green. I think it has to do with the coax cable running to that room. I think there are at least to coax cables going there, so I'll see if I can switch to a different cable.

Joe's going to argue that I don't need to get another Mac, since I have my old PowerBook that I could use. I might start with that to get things working, but it's a bit underpowered to run Sling Player full screen.

Joe's also going to argue that we don't need anything like the Apple TV because we already have the D-Link Media Lunge 520. It works really good for playing the files off an attached USB drive, but it only works so-so for streaming the DIVX files from my PC. It often drops its connection to the PC mid-way through the show or movie. Anyone want to buy my 520 from me? Amazon is selling it for $230. I would sell it for less.
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Just got done watching this week's Dresden FIles on SciFi. Why did it feel so diferent than other episodes? If felt totally out of continuty. No Bob. No shop. A lot more blatent magic than we've seen before. Why?
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The next episode of Blood Ties is playing on Lifetime right now, and they are rerunning the episode at 11pm also.

Blood Ties is a tv series based on SF/F author Tanya Huff's vampire and detective series. Go watch it.

Oh, and they are also including them on Lifetime On Demand if your cable provider provides that service.

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