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A little squirrel with big sad eyes just nudged me and told me to remember the good old days of posting to Live Journal. So I thought I should give it a shot.

Things are really looking up for Gaylaxicon. A few months ago we were afraid that we would be way low. Now we thing we might be a bit high. We are at about 240 registrations right now. The program book is nearly done, and I put together a one sheet pocket guide too. Tomorrow is out last committee meeting before the con, so I'll have hard copies of these for editing. Then we go to print on Saturday.

I published the program schedule online today. Click here to see it. This is a web page, not a PDF.

In non-Gaylaxicon news, today is my friend Les's birthday. His... hmm, not boyfriend, not roommate, ah... his Angel sent out a bunch of emails and text messages this afternoon to get people to come and surprise Les for his birthday dinner. Sadly I didn't have time to stay for dinner, but I did meet them at the restaurant, and gave Les a big happy birthday hug and kiss. He's a really nice guy who deserves a happy birthday.

We had sad news a work on Monday. One of our colleague's in Europe passed away suddenly over the weekend. He collapsed and died. My coworker Ray has been on conference calls with this guy every week for months working on a project. Ray's been a bit down since. This hasn't been a good year for Ray.

I'm fighting off a cold. I'm determined to not be sick at the convention. Which probably means I should wrap this up and go to bed. Good night.


Mar. 27th, 2008 03:44 pm
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I'm gradually building a beginner's portable photo and video studio here at work. I have a still camera that has been working very well for us for a couple of years now, but I've never been able to do good portrait shots because we just didn't have good lighting. Now I've finally gotten a small budget to buy lights and I'm not sure what to get.

Searching through Amazon and a number of the photography equipment websites, I think I've narrowed my choices down to either the JTL TL-1500 Softbox kit, or the JTL TL-1500 Umbrella kit. They both appears to be a good compromise on ability and price, though the softbox kit is much more expensive. Both are continuous light sets.

This will be my first set of lights, so I'm thinking to just go with the less expensive umbrella kit.

I have setup and worked with three-light lighting in the past, but it's been a while. I'm hoping that this will help improve portrait photos here.

Anyone else have a kit that they would recommend over these kits?

The next item to look for would be a backdrop stand and a good neutral backdrop.

I haven't ordered any lights yet, but I did order the video Light Like A Pro by Jerry Day Productions. Yes, it sounds a little hooky, doesn't it. But I'm a visual learner, so I'm expecting that this will provide some nice tips.

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(Just scroll on past this entry if you have no interest in digital video data management!)

I've posted a few times lately how I was having storage problems on my Mac at home. We'll, I'm having similar issues at work. But there is a solution... archiving to DVD's!

Yes, I know... it should be obvious. But when I'm dealing with video editing projects folders ranging from 20GB to 100+GB, archiving isn't a simple matter.

I think I have a solution now though... just archive the project file and dump the digital video source files. I can always have Final Cut Pro recapture the video source files from the original DV tapes.

I've known about this solution for a long time, but I wasn't getting good batch capture results from the old Panasonic DV camera we had. It did a poor job of finding the video in and out points. But a couple of months ago I found an old Sony DV camera that we must have gotten from one of our corporate acquisitions. This camera does a great job when I batch capture. This means now that if I dump the digital video files, I can recapture them again later.

My second issue at work has been with finding reliable back up drives. I have two LaCie 500GB drives and a 250GB MyBook drive from Western Digital (WD). The LaCie drives have been really touchy over the past year. Drive 2 appeared to die last spring, but I was able to revive it later with a new power supply. Now Drive 1 has been having problems. I even plugged in the new power supply from Drive 2, but it didn't change the results. I was able to backup the information using Data Rescue, so nothing is lost (thank goodness). Once I can get both drives cleaned off, I'm going to reformat them both and set them up in a RAID.

My thirst issue has been how to index video content stored on all these tapes. I found a nifty little program called iDive that will go through a tape and capture still frames every few seconds (user definable). It places these images in a project folder in the program and allows me to add tags for people, events, and place. Later when I need to find all clips with John Doe, I can search in iDive and it will tell me all the tapes with him, and where exactly on the tapes. This will be a big time saver on new projects.


Apr. 14th, 2006 05:19 pm
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If any of you are looking for IT Desktp PC support jobs, I believe our company is hiring. Two of our support peole have left in the last two months.

Look for job postings at http://www.eatonjobs.com

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