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You Are 58% Stereotypically Gay

You somewhat fit the gay stereotype, but not totally. If you aren't actually gay, there are at least a few people who assume you are. If you are gay, it's not much of a secret. Your mannerisms and phrases make it obvious.

How Stereotypically Gay Are You?
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This quiz really only seems to decide if you are a Bravo (as in the cable channel) gay. 

I think the first questions should be are you male. Then the second question should be "have you ever sucked a penis." That would be a better determination of your male homosexuality. (Sorry ladies... I don't know what you do to each other, and I don't need to know.)

And the "anything rainbow" question... There is so many crappy Christian tchotchkes of rainbows. When I was a young gay, going through my "HELLO WORLD, I'M GAY" phase, I don't know how many times I had women come up to me and ask where they could get a pin like that. These were not lipstick lesbians, they were just clueless.

(Ok... it could be argued that I might still be in the Hello World, I'm Gay phase, but I've dialed it down several notches. A nice rainbow back window decal (next to my leather pride and my white Apple decals), and generally living life as an out gay man, do not really scream gay in the same way.)

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