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Apr. 30th, 2008 03:52 pm
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Things are moving ahead pretty well with my trainer. My strength levels have been slowly increasing and I'm been gaining muscle.

I ran into one problem over the last week or two. When I was at GNC a couple of weeks ago to pickup from Muscle Milk Lite protein powder (yummy chocolate!), I picked up some Arsenal-X dietary supplement on a whim. My reasoning was that the Arsenal X would help me keep my energy levels up during my work out. This supplement contains 100 mcg of Vitamin B12 and 188 mg of caffeine, plus an "arsenal-x blend" of ingredients like Zhi Shi, Paullina cupana, St. John's wort extract, and more. The GNC sales person suggested taking the supplement about 1 to 2 hours before the workout.

The first couple of times that I used the Arsenal-X I was ok. I took it about 3 to 4 hours before working out. The last two times I've taken it I took it about 2.5 hours before working out, but then I felt very nauseous during my workout. The trainer and I are suspecting that it might be the supplement that is causing the nausea. He suggested I not take it before my workout tomorrow and see how I feel.

Anyone have any good experience and suggestions for a supplement that would benefit my workouts?

I have one more month of trainer sessions scheduled. The plan after that is for me to try working out on my own for a while, maybe with the occasional trainer session to check-in and reinforce the original training.

The trainer suggested a good goal for this upcoming month would be to increase my bench press up to my own body weight, which is about 165 pounds. I am bench pressing 135-145 pounds now, so 165 doesn't seem to far off. This doesn't have to mean that I'd do 8 reps of 165#, but to just get to one bench press at that weight.

Tomorrow is our first session in May, so it will be time to be weighed and measured again. It's nice to have numbers that support the changes that I'm feeling.
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I rode 7.26 miles last night. That's not to bad for my first bike ride of the season.

I rode east on 73rd/Diagonal Blvd, then north on Cedar Avenue South, cross over the 66th Street bridge and Longfellow Avenue around the cargo area of the airport. Then I crossed over 494 at 12th Street.

I had thought about trying to reach the nature reserve that [ profile] minnehaha K had told me about during [ profile] applecon, but I went a block past the American Blvd turn, came back and started heading east on American Blvd, then realized that I was starting to feel tired, so I turned around and took American Blvd back to 12th street. I crossed over 494 there and rode back north toward 73rd street, but then took a detour over a block to check out a little hidden pond/lake.

My whole ride took just about 50 minutes. I spend the last 10 minutes of my hour workout sweeping the garage.

Anyone have a good online tool for marking bike travel and saving it? I used Google Earth to measure my trail, but I can't save or export the path measurement.

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