Dec. 20th, 2012

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Yeah, I haven't posted an update on LJ since late September.

Following up on my last update, the beta blocker appears to be working. I've been on it nearly three months now. On Tuesday I went in for a followup blood draw, and I will meet with the doctor on Friday to discuss the results. Hopefully my TSH, T3, and T4 levels have returned to more standard levels.

I'm still going to yoga at least once a week. When I have time I've also been working in additional yoga classes and cycle classes at LA Fitness. The weekly yoga class isn't a LA Fitness, and I could do other yoga classes and cycle other places, so I'm considering not renewing my LA Fitness membership. This puts me in a good place to negotiate a better rate when they are desperate for our business. 

We have a new puppy. On Sunday we adopted Carly, a 9-week old long haired dachshund puppy. The idea of getting a second dog had been percolating in my head for a while, but Joe and I hadn't talked about it. Then mid-last week, a friend of mine posted a picture of Carly (then called Bianca) on Facebook and mentioned that she was a rescue dog that would be available in a couple days. I pretty quickly decided for myself that we could get her, and I sent a few IMs to Joe about her, but our schedules last week didn't give us much time to talk about her. I went ahead and scheduled a time on Saturday for the rescue owner to come over with Carly and check us out. Simon was VERY interested in Carly. He was gentle when he needed to be, but was also very willing to play with her. Sure... he did the typical dog dominance things of play mounting her, but the rescue owner said that was normal and a good sign. 

Joe liked her of course. Who couldn't love such a sweet face. However he was reasonably concerned about adopting a puppy again. We haven't had a puppy this young since Kinney, our Rotweiler back in the lat 90's. I reasoned that the worst that would happen is that things don't work out with her and we return her to the rescue sans payment. So, we went ahead a signed the papers, paid the fee, and picked her up on Sunday night.

Now we are working out our new schedules to accomodate her needs. Joe and I have taken turns getting up for her 3am potty break, and I've been handling her thrice-daily feedings, including coming home over lunch. Joe has today and tomorrow off from work, and we will both be home after that until we go back to work on January 2. We will get a lot of puppy time in the next week, and we welcome visits and trips to help socialize her.

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