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Here's the trailer for Young Adult. This trailer makes the movie seem like a comedy, taking the funniest bits of the movie and stringing them together. In between these funny bit are a lot of Mavis stewing in her own pot of depression and self-loathing.

Patton Oswalt nearly steals the film from Charlize Theron. His character is another person who struggles with being an adult, but he never managed to get away from small Minnesota town they grew up in.

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Young Adult Movie Poster

Joe and I went to a surprise screening of Diablo Cody's new film, Young Adult. We didn't know what movie it would be until we arrived. I'm not a big fan of Cody, but I think her writing is smart and engaging.

In the movie, Charlize Theron plays Mavis, a 30-something writer who ghosts writes a series of young adult (YA) novels. However, my mind just didn't make the connection from her writing to the title of the film. But now that I've seen this poster for the movie, I TOTALLY get the connection. The movie isn't about her YA writing specifically, but her writing is used as a way to get an internal look into what's going in Mavis's head. She's writing juvenile characters, which in a way is a reflection of her own failure to grow up. (I'm NOT saying all YA writers are juvenile.) I really got into this little glimpse of Mavis's depressed, obsessive, bitter life.

When you go see this film in December, try and get past how bitter and unlikeable Mavis is. She's fucked up, but she really felt real to me. Not in the quirky yet hip Juno way. She's an adult stuck in her teenage high school habits. This movie isn't a comedy, and not really a tragedy either. It's a look at a cathartic weekend for Mavis as she learns a hard lesson and makes a miniscule amount of self growth.
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You know those commercials for P.S. Love You that go on and on with review quotes that say how wonderful the movie is? They're not lying! We saw it on Saturday night and we really liked it. Go see this movie with your S.O. if you get a chance.
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Taking a little break from a productive work day, and was surfing Aintitcoolnews.com and found this link to the trailer for:

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

I really enjoyed the first movie, and this sequel looks to be pretty on par with the first.

Be sure to click on the "View Age Restricted Material" to see a second trailer.
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We went to see 28 Weeks Later tonight. What a piece of crap.

This movie seems to miss the point of its predecessor, 28 Days Later. The first movie was about how the small group of survivors struggled to escape the horrors of the Rage zombies. 28 Weeks is really just an excuse to show both zombies and non-zombies get shot, chopped, crushed, gassed, munched, trampled, burned, gouged, and all around mutilated. Days was gory of course, but it was used sparingly.

I have a growing distaste for realistic violence. I've hated war movies for a long time. Ray guns and alien monster, no problem. But human on human violence is too close to our current reality.

On top of all the violence, the characters in 28 Weeks are just plain STUPID! Our friend Don, who went to the movie with us tonight, is fond of saying "There wouldn't be a movie if they didn't go into the house." Right, they wouldn't be in this mess if they didn't do stupid things. I actually think they could have written this movie in such a way that they can do everything right and still have things go horribly wrong.

7 Points of Stupid - contains spoilers )

I'm sure there were plenty of other things wrong with this movie, like its lame attempt at recreating the quirky eeriness of the abandoned London from the first film, but I can't think of them all right now.

My advice... save your money. If you have to see it, wait for cable or Netflix.

I'm just afraid that now we're going to get 28 Years Later. )

At least now we have Resident Evil: Extinction to look forward to.
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Joe and I had a very nice weekend as we celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

I have to admit, I almost forgot it about it last week because we're not at WorldCon right now. We got married at WorldCon in Toronto two years ago, and thanks to our friend Warren, we celebrated our first anniversary at WorldCon Boston last year. Due to WorldCon being overseas, and almost a month early, we're not at WorldCon right now. We're just home... which feels so strange for the end of August.

Last week while Joe and I were talking about weekend plans he asked me if we had anything else going on this weekend. I responded that I didn't think so... to which he told me to think again. I glanced at the calendar on my cube wall and noted that this weekend included our anniversary date, August 28th. I think I might have been sleeping on the guest bed if I'd not quickly responded that I remembered our anniversary. Of course, this is just two years of being legally married. We've been together for nearly 17 year (17 in November).

Back to this weekend...

We had fun going to two movies on Friday. We first saw The Brothers Grimm, which was ok (better than Val Helsing), then we saw Red Eye, which was suspenseful, but not really so scary. After the movies we went home to cuddle while watching the SciFi Friday shows.

Saturday was a bit of a mess, but I had a good day anyways. Joe got up early and went to the gym while I slept in. We had a quick bagel breakfast, then went over to Southdale to do some shopping. JC Pennys was having a nice sale on bed sheets, and there were some nice cloths on sales also, but we couldn't decided which set we liked so we didn't buy anything. We are expecting a nice Labor Day sale, so we'll just go back next Monday.

We had been undecided about what to do Saturday night. We had an invitation to a wine and cheese tasting party, and we were thinking about having dinner at The Melting Pot to celebrate our anniversary. Well, but the time we called Melting Pot, they were already full for the evening, to we placed a reservation for Sunday instead. As for the tasting party... we ended up blowing that off too and we just stayed home and watched a pile of Gay themed movies that Joe had recently picked up on DVD.

Harry and Max: Nice movie, but disjointed. What happens when to incestuous brothers are twisted by the world of fame and boy bands.

Sugar: Suburban gay boy (who lives in a very strange and liberal house, smoking mom's pot) goes into the city to get laid for his birthday, and instead meets up with Butch, a handsome edgy drug using hustler, played by Brendan Fehr (of Roswell tv show). Of course things don't go well, but its turns into a messed up queer coming of age film.

Zero Patience: I always have to thank [livejournal.com profile] fauxbear for introducing us to this movie. I haven't seen this movie for several years, but I've listened to the music on CD on occasion since then. But... I forgot how strange this movie really is! And its SO Canadian!

Sunday was a little more structured. Late morning we headed over to Saint Paul for my company employee picnic at the Saint Paul Saints stadium. The picnic was nice, and we stayed for four or five innings, but finally got bored and left. That was probably for the better, because when ever I go to a local team's game they loose. If I leave then they win. It's all me.

After that game we went home to relax for a little while. I read comics and then took a short nap.

Finally we headed down town for our dinner at The Melting Pot. The place is kind of cool. Each table has built in electric stove tops, for heating your fondue pots. We were presented with a menu that featured their "Big Night Out" meal on the inside front page. Then the majority of the menu was taken up with their wine selection. Finally the back to inside pages provided us with details on the fondues the entrée .

Joe and I occasionally make a swiss cheese fondue for ourselves and for friends (yes, I know we're over due!). The Melting Pot was very different than our typical fondue dinner. Since our home made fondue is only cheese, we're not used to cooking our meat in an oil fondue. At home we just use pre-cooked ham and turkey.

After debating for a while, and sending the waiter away several times, Joe and I finally decided to just try it their way and we ordered the four course Big Night Out meal.

The first course, of course, was a cheese fondue. They had a swiss cheese fondue on the list, but we decided to go with the Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue instead. The buttermilk bleu cheese just sounded too good to pass up. After that I got the Mushroom Salad... which was a plate covered in chopped mushroom caps, with a little bit of lettuce and italian dressing.

The entrée was a big plate of meats that we got to cook ourselves in the Coq au Vin Fondue. I think the restaurant should give you a little digital clock so you know how long you've been cooking those meets. I'm sure that our first couple of forks didn't stay in long enough. I think we eventually got the hang of it, but I'm still not a fan of cooking my own food. (Remember, I'm great at reheating food at home... I rarely ever cook.)

Dessert was a very nice dark and white chocolate fondue with a plate of fruits and other tasty things to dip. Very yummy.

I took a couple of pictures at the table, but I haven't posted them yet. I'll try and do that tonight.

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